Clip On Light Bulb Shades

Clip On Light Bulb Shades | The Universal Laws, the Light, the Presence, the Power that’s the Source (God) is like a lamp under your feet directing your every single step. When you please take a step, then this next step is shown. When you drive a car, you can’t go to a full mile ahead. The hills, turns and foliage might only permit you to go to a quarter of an mile ahead. At night you are able to only see in terms of the vehicle headlight beam allows.

The shepherd boy, who became King David, said, “The Lord is like a lamp unto my feet.” It is powerful and comforting to know you do not have to figure everything out before the first task or start the vehicle in motion? In fact, you can’t know, however, the Universe knows and is revealing it to you personally inside a perfect way. All you need to know is revealed to you personally when you require to know it. The greatest fulfillment you’ll ever find is in taking the first task that is certainly yours to adopt each moment.

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In this moment, pause. Bring yourself fully to this moment. Simply ask, “What is my starting point to adopt today? What do I need to know this moment? What is mine being grateful because of this moment? Remember, The Universe is a lamp unto you understanding that lamp is shining brightly in your case today, lighting just how in your case to adopt one step and after that another and another.

Go forth now and take each part of the minute, if you know the next step will likely be revealed to you personally as you go forward to achieve your goals, desires and dreams.