Cafe Style Lights

Cafe Style Lights | Those fancy stained glass billiard lights the thing is in displays or even in rich-folks’ homes are definitely worth drooling over, but many folks are saved to a low cost looking to design with a dime, or maybe a penny! I thought it best to choose a cheaper option, something the common man can afford, and never get laughed at by his pool buddies. In my mission to find some cheap pool lights I came across a few companies with some potential. Apparently, “cheap” is really a relative term, but these were the front runners, and pretty readily available.

The first company I checked out was the more costly. Pool Tables USA’s cheapest lights were of the 3-shade variety. Made of metal, glass, or blown glass, in varying colors and sophistication, these light fixtures were ‘on sale’ from $219 for simple brass and bland colored metal shades, around $1,3990 for a monstrosity of surefire scroll-work and weathered gold leaf accents. They made an issue of visually slashing the ‘retail price’ and showing you your savings, however their site felt stark and aggressive. I might allow them to have 3 stars, especially considering what I that comes with the other sites.

The second company, PoolDawg, a slight cool-ghettos black & red theme. They offered much the same selection to the first site, however their pool light pricing was much different. Comparing several, I found that PoolDawg had reduced prices (only $125 for a brass bar w/3 shades, around $349 for a a Toledo w/surefire and amber glass), and they often were slashing ‘retail’ prices that equalled with PTUSA’s already-slashed ‘sale’ prices, making PTUSA seem just a little fishy if you ask me. I’ll give 4 stars here for slightly better presentation and a lot better pricing.

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Finally, I scrounged through Rockwell Billiards. These fellas hit concerning the middle of the road for pricing. Their ‘retail’ prices didn’t complement exactly with all the other two sites, either, nonetheless they were nearer to PoolDawg’s prices. Their ‘sales’ prices ran from $109.95 for a Premium 60 inch 3 shade Billiard lamp, around $195 for a Polished Chrome Pool Table Light. They had less selection compared to the other two sites, but as being a bonus, they did occur to offer both a “build it yourself” assembly kit, and individual shade assemblies that might be replacements or become free-hanging pendant lights. I think they earned 3.75 stars for decent pricing and also the added do-it-yourself stuff.