Backyard Wedding Lighting

Backyard Wedding Lighting | One of the main reasons people choose LED rope lighting over other kinds of lighting is because it is so versatile. Not only can you choose shaped to adjust to any area, it is usually cut to adjust to and spliced to pieces in case a longer piece is needed.

It may also be sliced should you prefer a color combination to match your d?Ă½cor. It is important to know exactly what you are doing before you begin cutting the rope or try and splice it. The following is helpful information for cutting and splicing LED rope lighting:

• Cutting the Rope Lights – In order to slice these lights you must have one of many following, a PVC pipe cutter, box cutter or heavy-duty scissors. It is advisable to hold the pipe cutter since you obtain a straighter edge as there are less possibility of cutting crooked. The entire pipe has slash marks on the pipe tell you where it is usually cut. Do not cut anywhere that’s not marked or else you will wind up ruining that piece of light making this useless. These slash marks run from either eighteen inches or thirty-six inches.

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The two wire type is every eighteen inches along with the three wire, or chaser lights, is every thirty-six inches. You should appraise the area you wish to cover carefully and select the rope type in accordance with the length of time the rope has to be. If thirty-six inches is too long you will need to get the two-wire light. Make the cut cleanly and after that trim off the excess copper wire from the end by bending the sunshine to show it. Once it’s properly prepared, you need to add the connector kit or splice another color or length to the sunshine.