Ann Morris Lighting

Ann Morris Lighting | If you are looking to provide a certain amount of class and type to your home or business by lighting or accenting the perimeters of certain features with lights, LED edge lighting is definitely what you want. LED lights themselves are power efficient and create hardly any heat, driving them to a secure alternative to traditional lights when doing accent work. The light they produce is additionally brighter and truer than some other light available today and will not alter the color, and often will instead enhance the colors within the space. Edge lighting itself can be quite a creative and unique strategy to highlight certain elements of your house or business.

LED edge lighting can be used in a number of ways throughout a space. It can be mounted on glass shelves, mirrors, and windows and so are narrow enough to get affixed in small spaces where traditional lights won’t go. The edges of bookcases, curtains, and counters can all be lit with strips of LED lights that are offered with sticky backs that you follow virtually any surface. LED edge lights can be used in bathrooms to provide a resource of unobtrusive lighting to otherwise dark corners of a shower, or around mirrors to improve the grade of the sunshine inside a dressing area.

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Another great benefit to presenting LED edge lighting is its power efficient nature. LED lamps consume less electricity than a standard bulb and so are extremely safe in narrow spaces they do not generate heat exactly as a conventional bulb does. For the most part, an LED light only consumes between 10-12 volts of electricity, which is a serious decrease in energy usage and will save quite of amount of money within the long run. They are also very durable and can last for many years as well as decades, greatly lowering the expense of replacement.